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Welcome to our site - Nashville’s Astrologer “Our Destiny may be determined, but our fate is in our hands. It is in the choices we make. We have all been blessed with free will, a most precious gift of our Creator, together with love to guide us in our choices.”

Welcome, I am so glad you are here, visiting this page. This is not by coincidence. I respect and value my time as well as yours. It is the one thing we can never take back. So thank you, in advance, for giving me some of your time. I am an eighth generation Master of Spiritual Counsel, and advising spirits to their destiny. Here are some of the examples of what I do: build confidence, self-esteem, mend a broken heart, mentor and inspire you in business, push you in the right direction to more success, satisfy the curiosity of your mind, and find your personality. God reveals what He wants us to know in the readings. However, being spiritual does not necessarily mean being religious. Decisions should be made with logic, reason, instincts, and intuition.

It’s time to learn your real talents, learn what to focus on, then change your perspective. To regain those Divine intentions. Be empowered by what life throws at you. Discover who you really are, and set FREE your passions. Get comfortable with the uncomfortable. Only then can you FOLLOW your passions with RENEWED ENERGY.

May your journey be one of Divine wonder, to get to where you want to be. You must practice the mind set, see the world as a different place. Emotions can sometimes cause trouble for us, but don’t let them stop you. Let the magic door open, and awaken a timeless wisdom.

World Peace,
Jennifer Green

A special thanks goes from Jennifer Green to Natalie Harper, for her contribution to this page. Without her, this page would not exist.

Jennifer Green is not responsible for any interpretations made from her profession, with impunity. All legal responsibility falls on the client, with what interpretations that they may make, from her work.

All sessions will advise you about your home, love, family, opportunities, and changes coming to your life as well as changes you need to make to live your best life.

The intention behind my practice is for you to be connected to the magnetic field of the earth so that you may be in synch with the universe for your divine path.

All Sessions with Jen can be redeemed in person or by phone/video messenger.

Divine Menu

One Question Prediction
Intuitive guidance

Moonstone Session
A Divine breakthrough session performed with moonstones, crystal ball,
tarot, and other intuitive methods to clear your Mind and Soul
Relieve Stress, Anxiety, and Fear. All in one session,
ending with a chakra balance


Intuitive Healing Session and Chakra Balance
A moonstone session combined with vibrational sound healing using
tibetan singing bowls. We are all composed of vibrations and
wavelengths, so as a guitar needs tuning, so do we, to balance and
connect ourselves back to the natural flow of the universe.


**Best Value**

Level UP and Kick Ass
Healing for the Body, Mind, And Spirit
Removes Stress, Anxiety, Fear, and banishes Anger by utilizing
different healing modalities such as Hypnosis, Tibetan Singing Bowls, and
fully balancing and aligning your Chakras!
This session comes with divine gifts for you to take and use at home
specific to your needs.
3 sessions within 10 days

6 - Week Magical Journey with Jen
Become the best version of you. Learn to Control your Thoughts & Emotions
through working one on one with a certified Life Coach and 8th Generation Mystic.
Raise your level of consciousness, gain confidence, self-esteem, release stress anxiety,
& learn intuitive skills to listen to your guides. Learn how to use CHI, meditation,
Heart Plus, business coaching, relationship coaching, and so much more!.
This magical journey comes with your own personal set of moonstones,
a tibetan singing bowl, a hand-picked crystal, candle, incense, and
oracle cards, all the tools you need to begin raising your vibration!
Throughout this journey you will uncover your weaknesses and evolve
them into your most valuable assets, discovering your best and highest self.
Make peace with your past to enjoy your future.
2 Sessions per Week for 6 Weeks

Additional Coaching post program
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