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For over 2,000 years my tribals lineage has always practiced the Divine Arts since the beginning of our history. Therefore, I am a Master of Spiritual Counsel, and advising spirits to their destiny. Our tribe studies the universal pattern of human life, which has resulted in serving many great leaders throughout history. Fun fact, almost every great leader in history has a Spiritual advisor, even in the animation film the Lion King with the Baboon reading the omens (universal language). God reveals His messages to us through many mysterious ways. However, it is up to the Spiritual advisor to assist in the interpretation of these Divine interventions through having Divine conversations. Our Divine journeys crossed for a reason, and the intention behind this practice, is: To help people live joyously, and to find their inner peace, all while being in the present moment.

Divine Conversations

Jennifer Green
Jennifer Green

Please, if you require my services, contact me directly. If you have any general questions, or maybe you had a particular dream, comment your name, location, and most importantly, the question on your mind. I can't wait for the chance to interpret your message. It may be the one I answer on my blog.

I look forward to speaking with you. In the words of my grandmother, Two heads are better than one.

Contact Me:

Jennifer Green
My phone number: (615)944-9707
Email me at: NashvillesAstrologer@gmail.com
Skype: live:jengreen1111
Twitter: @JenGreenEpic
Check out my radio show, Journey Into The Light: Chapter Two, at www.paraxradionetwork.com,
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