The astrology that I practice is on a higher plane of thought than just reading from your sign. Your sign is just a piece of the puzzle of the magical journey that we are on to discover who we are. Why do we celebrate birthdays? Why is this day not like any other day? Why do hospitals record the time of birth? Why does it matter at all? You’re here, aren’t you? Why should it matter when you arrived?

Our destiny is written in the stars, and we cannot change it. It’s our contract with the creator, written and signed by us in the heavens. It is recorded in the stars, and we are reminded of this agreement every time we look into the night sky and marvel at its beauty. Abraham’s covenant was written in those stars, and the Magi in the story of Jesus. Read the announcement of the birth of a king in Israel in the same night sky. Visible only during an eighty minute window of time, when the moon was at Virgo’s feet and Regulus, the royal star with a crown of twelve stars, was in conjunction with Jupiter as the exceedingly bright star we know as the star of Bethlehem, the birth was recorded in the heavens on September 3rd, 3 BC. Thus was Jesus born of the Virgin.

Our Destiny may be determined, but our fate is in our hands. It is in the choices we make. We have all been blessed with free will, a most precious gift of our Creator, together with love to guide us in our choices. More importantly, the Dream Weaver has instilled in our souls our own unique dream, our life’s purpose as Dream Catchers. It is written in the stars; it is written in the palms of our hands; it is written in the lines of our forehead; it is written in our hearts. The truth of who we are is hidden in plain sight, so we are without excuse. The Heavens determine who we are at the time of our birth; our gifts, our proclivities, and our soul’s makeup. An Astrologer provides a reading, or map, of your energetic soul, providing insight into who you are, where you come from, why you are here, and where you are ultimately going.

Our life on Earth is entangled with the Heavens. We are made of stardust. We are children of infinity. Where we are born matters little. The time we are born is what is important, and we celebrate it. Like the organic food we eat to live, we too have an expiration date and our souls yearn to love and be loved, to know and to be known. The heavens are imprinted on our souls like a unique energetic fingerprint. Radiologists examine the body with energetic tools to facilitate the healing of the body. Astrologists examine the soul with energetic tools to facilitate the healing of the soul and thus the body. Which do you think is more important?

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We are made of stardust.