There are no problems, only solutions.


This is truly sad. I have specialized in addictive behavior for the majority of my life, understanding and learning everything that the human mind goes through just from being human. Through hypnotherapy, you can gain mental strength to overcome obstacles, know what is going on in your life, and set yourself free from the chains holding you back.



Addiction does not have to be of a physical substance, we could be addicted to anything. Addiction is a behavior that cannot be controlled. It's of all things and, if anything, one must control and clear their mind to be free of them.

t's amazing how over 50% of relationships end over this one thing. Having been a counselor and advisor for my entire life, I hear this very often.

Addiction to pornography: It is a known fact that this slows down the brain, not to mention the creative side of your love life. Think of it like this: What's the purpose of being creative if you're don't have to? People will always choose the easy route.

We are a lazy species, but we can change.

Life’s Addictions

  • Addiction to drugs and alcohol
  • Addiction to food.
  • Addiction to unhealthy patterns
  • Addiction to being negative
  • Addiction to speaking negatively
  • Addiction to self-destructive behavior

You must control your thoughts to control your life. There are no problems, only solutions. In recent years, the most popular addictive behavior has been social media addiction. Social media is a source of communication, not one of life. It is the addictive behavior of living in a false reality.


The Remedy:

Evaluate who you are spending time with, as we become like the five people with whom we spend the most time. It is a fact that we become similar to them. You are a smarter person when you ask questions, and remember that we all need help sometimes.

The biggest battle in life is conquering yourself.

Two heads are better than one. - C.S. Lewis

Jennifer Green
Jen Green