Jen Green’s psychic prognostications and proclamations


“I want people not to be afraid of what I do. The sessions I give are different than anyone else’s,” says Nashville’s Astrologer Jen Green, before offering up a dose of what she forecasts and proclaims.

Remember, these words and opinions are strictly those of this very special and kind muse:

“I know why so many people are moving to Nashville. We have the highest vibrational energy on the planet. Nashville is known as the Music City. There are so many artists and creative expression here, people are just happier. When the people are coming in, they just like it. It’s simple.”

- “Donald Trump will be one of the most remembered presidents in history, because of all the special things he will do. I truly believe he will save the world.”

- DeMarco Murray “is going to bring triumph to the Titans. He is a very important asset to the team. I do feel they will be right there at the end of it. I don’t want to say they are going to win the Super Bowl yet.”

- But “in 2018, we will have a championship professional team and the whole world will know about it. I can’t say whether it will be in football or in hockey, honestly because I don’t know that much about sports.”

- “The solar eclipse heightened emotions, feelings, especially for those who have spiritual awareness. Since the solar eclipse, everyone has noticed the world has changed. There have been hurricanes, earthquakes, wildfires, tsunamis, volcanoes. And more is coming. The weather will not destroy the world. God forbid, if the end of the world comes tomorrow it will be because of man, not weather.”

In addition to sessions and being a mom, Jen is “a volunteer at The Parthenon and will be leading tours starting next month.

“Right now, I greet people. It makes sense that you find a muse at the Parthenon.’’ “The planetarium at the Cumberland Science Museum is my favorite place, second to The Parthenon. And if you live here you definitely should catch ‘Skies Over Nashville’” (a program in the planetarium).

To contact her, visit her Facebook pages, Nashville’s Astrologer and Jen Green, Instagram is nashvilles.astrologer. Her web site is Nashville’ E-mail address:

She is on “Journey Into the Light” ( on Wednesdays at 8 p.m.

“I give a ton of free advice, I take calls and I participate in raising money for the homeless, because I live by gratitude.

The show is hosted by Michael Long, who broadcasts his portion from Oklahoma.

- Tim Ghianni



I am a Seer, and these are my predictions for the future.

This is what I see for the future:


A Book of God will come out.

The book of God.

This prediction just came to pass, through a dream, then in a physical form. An amazing story, stay tuned to see how it unfolds, as it will change lives.

Now on with the show:

The arts:

Studying astronomy music, painting, playing an instrument. Reading music. Drawing. Hand writing will be necessary in school.

Men will read books more than ever, and only 20% of men are reading in America, today.

Men that read books will appear sexier.


Say “Hi”, George.

Book clubs will become the new dating scene.

Old music becomes the new music.

Having a date where you cook will become a trend bigger than ever, to the point where people will hire a personal chef for their date, at their house.


Calligraphy will become important again.

The mail will become popular again.

People will start to write old-fashioned letters, again.

Veggie chips are going to become more popular, and we are going to see them, everywhere.

Book of God: