Motivational Speaking

Sessions are done in person as well as by phone and through Skype.
Become who you are meant to be. I specialize in helping people make decisions, and I can help you achieve the breakthroughs in life that you have been waiting for. In my About Mepage you will understand how I can do this. 2017 was year 1 in numerology; the last year 1 we have witnessed was in 1900, which was a revolutionary year of change. It made history in more ways than one. We experienced the totality of the solar eclipse, and the world hasn’t been the same, since. It was the first time NASA got to study the sun in this way! Some of the biggest natural disasters in history occurred this year, as well.

This year human behavior has been absolutely horrible, and disgusting with all of the violence and death. This reminds me how small we truly are, a small speck compared to the spiritual universal Realm. April 8th, 2024 will be the date of the next total solar eclipse. If you haven't started to follow this page, do so now, so that we may explore the Universe together, as I will share on my blog. I am always sharing a ton of free remedies, inspirational quotes and motivation on my social media pages. 2018 is here. It's a great time to have a session, and make a breakthrough in whatever areas you need to excel in.

We are creating the future right now. The Universal language is the current of life. I will explain this in the simplest of terms. If you have watched the Disney movie Finding Nemo you might remember where they rode the EAC, or the East Australian Current with the sea turtles. Once they made it into the current, they were able to sit back and enjoy the ride. Just like with the ocean, the universe has a current as well. It is about understanding who you are, and what you are meant to do. Take a look around, and don't hesitate to contact me for more information. When we stop learning, we start to wither away.

World peace,

Jennifer Green
Jennifer Green