Watching destinies unfold, for a living, is watching magic come to life. Seeing the positive influence that we can give in a few sentences is my passion. Knowing your destiny and following your passion is a personal power.

I remember giving this prediction. Seeing it unfold was just Divine Magic = “God’s Magic”.
The fact that this was a Greek-themed wedding could be why I loved it so much, loll.

I imagine many Blessings of happiness and more success for Laura. A beautiful woman with a heart of gold. It was an honor to be a guide during your journey.

Laura was a stunning bride. I was so joyful to see this vision come to pass. It's not on camera, but I surprised her, by attending the wedding. She appeared as a Goddess, and the epic wedding was out in the country, away from the city, and all waifs. The sunset was filled with serenity, and it was truly magical.

My job’s function is to guide the client to a lifestyle, founded in Spiritual peace. Not to be confused with religion, my approach is focused more on individual practices of the self, than on worship. That being said, I must mention that my faith in God is strong and I would encourage an enhanced relationship with God to all people. When working with my client I will use my gifts of fore, present, and hindsight to piece together the puzzle of my client’s life, and their circumstances.

I use Divine Art, to arrive at a basis for my suggestions to the client. It is the knowledge given to the client that will allow them to arrive at informed decisions, for future actions. How does this lead to Spiritual peace, you ask?

The following was written by Laura, herself.

I’ll use the example of one client, named Laura, who saw me for the first time in August of 2013.
For her, it started as a fun excursion with her sister to the “Psychic Realm”. She wanted the palm reading only, as a beginner. Through the reading, I could see that she was in great need of something more. Not knowing her life, or history, or even the impact that it would have on her, I decided to offer reading her cards in addition to read her palm. What I found, a few months later, was that Laura had been three months into an extremely rigorous nursing program and had little to no outlet for releasing her anxieties, which were steadily building up.

Worried that she would not be able to carry the weight of the expectations surrounding her, Laura prepared mentally for the disappointment that she would feel when giving up the program. After accepting that the idea that quitting could very well become her reality, she decided to make a desperate plea to God. She asked for one more successful day at school. Before our visit, Laura had never prayed, meditated, or taken time to find her peace. Upon my advice, she said that prayer, and received another successful day. That successful day turned into a successful week, month, and year, and so on until graduation day. To this day, Laura not only follows the advice and findings from that very first session, she has come to evolve and develop tactics leading true Spiritual enlightenment.

As the journey of Enlightenment never ends, she continues to visit me for regular intermittent sessions. Laura has been able to apply learned Spiritual techniques to create and construct the life of her dreams. It is my absolute joy and pleasure to have been given the Gift to facilitate such a beautiful miracle. Certainly, one of the great rewards of my work is the witnessing of successful outcomes in my clients’ lives

Divine Omen HEART in MIDDLE

Jennifer, your accuracy and kindness has been above and beyond. You’ve touched my life in such a positive way. You’re truly amazing with your talents. I always look forward our next appointment.
Thank you,

Jennifer is not only Nashville's Astrologer she's my Astrologer, Life Coach, Psychic and she's soon to be yours too. Trust me when I say this, from one lost soul to another, YOU NEED TO SEE HER.

She'll make you feel comfortable in the way she explains things to you and when you talk to her. Her environment is clean, welcoming and doesn't make you feel out of place.

Folks, this woman has been utilizing and sharing her abilities/gift since she was 12. She is a 5th generation (on record, probably more but as far as she knows) this has been in her blood line for decades.

Be yourself when you see her, come with an open mind and by all means, don't let misconceptions of how people with her ability are viewed in the Western world.

How I met Jennifer itself was Divine intervention. I was out in Nashville (but I live in Memphis) consulting other clients and unerring to earn extra cash to support my family during a transition I've been going thru, and I gave her a ride one evening.

For many years I've been thinking to myself and the universe for a better understanding of what's going on in my life and what I'm here for, along with what I can do to be a better person.

Inside I've felt, I guess a resistance in my life sort of like I'm being held back or instead of just walking freely that my life is such that I've been walking in water with extra force/resistance in front of me. Basically always fighting something.

If you're looking to change your life for the better, reach out to Jennifer, she'll help bring clarity and answers to the questions you've been looking for.
(More to come as I continue seeing her)

Written by Mr. T (Not the Mr. T you’re thinking of)

Dear God, I would like to say Thank you for everything. Thank you for Jennifer Green she has been an angel assigned to my life. When I first met her my soul was lost in the darkness and I saw no light at the end of my tunnel. She not only helps me transform my life into something beautiful but she helped me remember how special I was to myself. She is wonderful people that deserve credit where credit is due. To be sober in such a beautiful world feels so good. The wind feels so good to my face when it blows. So God, Thank you for accepting me just as I am. To be able to help people be better is a blessing within itself. I couldn’t have asked for my life to have gone any different. You always have been there for me and even though I got angry with you and doubted you, you always made sure that I was safe and well taken care of. You are the Alpha and Omega, the first and last, you are who is, who was, and who will be. You’re not here or there but everywhere. Your eye is on the sparrow. You are the tree of life, the giver, my king and I am your princess. Thank you for creating me in the image of you to create the extraordinary. Thank you for grace because without it you wouldn’t give me mercy. You changed me, I went from being a little girl to a grown woman. I’m growing up so fast and sometimes it scares me. I want to change, so I wait for change. Lord thank you for the strength to do your work and worship you. This year will be great for the both of us. With you in me and me in you I know your will is done. I’m open willing to receive you. Jesus come to me now. I thank you for my gifts and especially for my senses just to be able to think for myself is a plus. I can’t wait to see my rewards for applying my efforts by pleasing you. I love you forever and ever. P.S. Thank you for sending Jennifer to save me she was my angel and I love her so much without her I would only be existing in this world, but with her I can live not only financially but I excel in all areas of my life. From Ms. Davis

I proudly say that i am a prodigy of Jennifer Green. Over ten years ago, I desperately searched for answers in my life to find peace, harmony, happiness and joy. Literally i screamed out crying to my heavenly father for help. Everywhere i turned was a false hope and a shattered dream. Unexpectedly, i meet a beautiful, powerful, young lady with a gift of intuition and wisdom who began to redirect me to spirituality and how to meditate to find inner peace in the midst of it all. I must say that i was taken by her advice because of her young but she has helped me understand situations and encouraged me to stand. Often she reinforced my character and attributes because after life struggles i questioned myself. After all my experience with her has life changing! I’ve learned to trust my intuition, live in the present, believe in the power of prayer and that there are no problems just solutions! Trust me the relationship you develop or your first consultation with Jennifer will be mind blowing. Give her a call for your first consultation and you’ll never be the same.
Love and Light Latonya