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Welcome to our site

Welcome to our site - Nashville’s Astrologer “Our Destiny may be determined, but our fate is in our hands. It is in the choices we make. We have all been blessed with free will, a most precious gift of our Creator, together with love to guide us in our choices.”

Welcome, I am so glad you are here, visiting this page. This is not by coincidence. I respect and value my time as well as yours. It is the one thing we can never take back. So thank you, in advance, for giving me some of your time. I am an eighth generation Master of Spiritual Counsel, and advising spirits to their destiny. Here are some of the examples of what I do: build confidence, self-esteem, mend a broken heart, mentor and inspire you in business, push you in the right direction to more success, satisfy the curiosity of your mind, and find your personality. God reveals what He wants us to know in the readings. However, being spiritual does not necessarily mean being religious. Decisions should be made with logic, reason, instincts, and intuition.

It’s time to learn your real talents, learn what to focus on, then change your perspective. To regain those Divine intentions. Be empowered by what life throws at you. Discover who you really are, and set FREE your passions. Get comfortable with the uncomfortable. Only then can you FOLLOW your passions with RENEWED ENERGY.

May your journey be one of Divine wonder, to get to where you want to be. You must practice the mind set, see the world as a different place. Emotions can sometimes cause trouble for us, but don’t let them stop you. Let the magic door open, and awaken a timeless wisdom.

World Peace,
Jennifer Green

A special thanks goes from Jennifer Green to Natalie Harper, for her contribution to this page. Without her, this page would not exist.

Jennifer Green is not responsible for any interpretations made from her profession, with impunity. All legal responsibility falls on the client, with what interpretations that they may make, from her work.

Divine Menu

All sessions are accurate, all will tell you about your life, The more expensive the more in depth it becomes.
I advise to go with your Gut Instinct.
Balancing your Chakras is like Tuning a Guitar.

Three Questions, and Three Predictions

Art of Palms

Divine Tarot Session

Moon Stone Session
Astrology, Tarot and Moon Stones

Crystal Session
Bring your crystal collection of crystals. I clean them and read them

Breakthrough Chakra session
A Divine session To Clear your Mind as well as your soul
Rid of Stress, Anxiety and Fear. All in one session.
Find your Destiny
Ending with a chakra balance

Most value
Breakthrough Chakra Package

Healing for the Body Mind And Spirit
3 sessions in 10 days

Level Up
6 - Week Chakra Awakening
Success, Everything starts in the mind, Control of your Thoughts, & Emotions, Raise your Level of Consciousness.
Gain, Confidence self-Esteem, Release the Stress Anxiety, Learn to read people.
Learn how to use CHI, Meditation. Heart plus, and so much more. Please call for more info.

All sessions will advise you, and tell you about yourself, your home, love, family, opportunities, and change. Palms are more personal, Tarot imore visual. The more expensive, the more in-depth your session becomes. I advise you to go with your gut instinct, and if you have never had a reading, before, Tarot may be right for you, being that it is a visual tool. From one Gypsy soul to another, I thank you.

Jennifer Green is not responsible for any interpretations made from her profession, with impunity.
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